It’s about catching the ray

The sun. Our star. Formed some 5 billion years ago and half way in its life cycle still supposed to continue shining on us for another 5 billion years. With the speed of 300.000 km per second it takes the sunrays some 500 seconds to travel the distance of 150.000.000 kilometers to earth. All together these rays provide the earth and all its lives and living with vital light and energy. Clean, environmentally friendly energy freely placed at our disposal.

Imagine a day without this. Imagine a life without it.

We totally depend on the sun so a day or a life without it is unimaginable. Still, we only utilize a minor part of what it places at our disposal as light and energy source and provider. That is why it’s about catching the ray.

Unimaginable without glass. All belonging to our core focus:

  Thin glass

  Less material consumption

  Less emissions

  Improved performances