It’s about being on the sunny side

Vetro Solar is located in Sandersdorf-Brehna, Germany, Auf der Sonnenseite 1 (On the sunny side 1) in the well-known area of Solar Valley. At this stage our premises house a team of 20 highly motivated and skilled colleagues managing the company, operating our top modern glass processing machines and equipment, and making sure that we have satisfied customers.

Our business concept is founded on customization and automation in production and processing of thin glass products contributing to maximum utilization of solar energy and through our entire operations and product portfolio to contribute to reduced emission and a clean environment.  Our state of the art thin glass processing and glass production technologies involve significant reductions in material- and energy consumption.

Allow us to mention that our commitment to stay on the sunny side caused a solar park on our factory roof supplying 1,5 MW electricity to the grid.

The Vetro Group concept involves the significant advantages of customizing integration of glass production and glass processing. The company now prepares for the next phases of its business development in Solar Valley implementing technologies for next generation glass surface treatments and lamination as well as integration of primary thin and ultrathin glass production. The company is well underway with its preparations for these implementations.